Everything You Need To Know About Last Week’s News #43

In reverse order of importance:

I think there was some kind of horse race.

Area Man Loses Life Savings On Carnival Game, Wins Stuffed Banana. Um… not to expose my cushy middle-class status, but since when did $2,600 count as “life savings”?

Scientists have engineered a glow-in-the-dark sheep. Um… cool, I think?

The first “active” “male” “player” of a “major” “professional” “sports” “team” revealed that his sexual preferences are different from the sexual preferences of all the other active male players of major professional sports teams who have revealed their sexual preferences.

Are We Living In The Future? Robot Finds Mysterious Spheres in Ancient Temple. I wonder if we’re on the cusp of a golden age of archaeology as technology advancements with robots/drones/etc allow us to delve much farther into places that used to require human-sized openings (or Titanic-sized budgets).

Wildfires in southern California threatened lots of homes but it sounds like there hasn’t been too much damage and firefighters are getting things under control.

Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo’s rocket test flight was a success, putting the company that much closer to space tourism.

North Korea claims to have sentenced a detained US citizen to 15 years of hard labor. Can they do that? It says he is a Christian and I know there are Christians working to help North Koreans escape; I wonder if he was involved in that.

“Violence in the Middle East” got more confusing. Israel fired on Syria to destroy weapons that were going from Iran to Lebanon. Something like that. Though apparently this isn’t the first time. Meanwhile, Syrian’s government and rebels are still fighting each other.

The bird flu in China seems to be easing, but the coronavirus in Saudi Arabia is getting a wee bit scarier.