Reasons For Optimism 76-80

76. A new estimate of the Bakken Formation that has been transforming North Dakota says there is more than twice as much recoverable oil as the previous estimate. U.S. oil inventories reached an 82-year-high this week. Meanwhile, demand continues to hold steady even as job growth continues to the best levels in five years.

In other words, we have more oil under the ground and more oil above the ground than ever even as we’re needing to use less of it than ever, making an energy shortage less and less likely as we slowly transition away from fossil fuels.

77. Another nugget of good news on the online patents & innovation front: A judge has thrown out Craigslist’s attempt to sue a competitor for using their submissions to make a better website.

78. Google is innovating in the fast-growing continent of Africa with a payment card called BebaPay (h/t @justinwolfers).

79. Just a few months after introducing 3d printers in their stores for printing, Staples announced they will start selling them as well. Looks like the devices are continuing to follow the personal computer’s path to widespread use.

80. Scientists are making progress on a cure for leukemia.

As always, Expected Optimism has a few more good reasons.