This is a group blog providing analysis on politics, philosophy, economics, and technology. Postlibertarian means firstly that we believe generally in free markets, individual liberty, and small government, but we are not purists. We like classical liberalism because it’s got pretty good empirical results over the years. It also means we focus on areas outside of politics only tangentially related to libertarian ideas, including philosophy, cryptography, prediction markets, urbanization, rationality, game theory, and the singularity. For a more in depth discussion of postlibertarianism, read “What is Postlibertarianism? v2.0”.

Bloggers’ backgrounds include software, computer science, engineering, economics, and political science. We tend to focus on American politics because that’s where we mostly live.

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Prediction and testing is an important part of the scientific method. This blog makes predictions every year to see try and improve calibration and understanding of the world. Also among the projects here is the Libertarian Web Directory, which is looking to catalog all sorts of libertarian web resources in a central location.

You can send email to contact [at] postlibertarian [dot] com and we may eventually get back to you.  You can also find us on Twitter @postlibertarian. We believe in strong encryption, and so you can find our PGP key hosted at keybase.io/postlibertarian.

Posts prior to October 2015 were written by Joshua Hedlund whom you can find at his Twitter: @joshuahedlund.

Postlibertarian’s authors (past and present) write in their capacity as private citizens. Anything we say isn’t endorsed or approved by our current or past employers.

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