No More Blogging This Week.

I won’t be doing any more blogging this week. On the off chance that anything crazy happens while I’m gone and you’re actually curious about my opinion on the matter, feel free to leave comments here with requests. Or to talk amongst yourselves. Or to create spam for your acai berry products. I’ll probably be checking the comments though. If you get bored, check the sidebar for more interesting blogs written by more knowledgeable people. Thanks for visiting.

One Year of PL Blogging!

It has been exactly one year since my first postlibertarian blog post: “What Is A Postlibertarian?” I have been blogging on and off about politics and economics since I was in high school, but on this new blog I applied the latest things I had learned about writing, marketing, SEO, and networking, turning this into my most successful blog yet. In my first year I published 145 posts and acquired 38,166 hits and 156 comments. (Actually, 1 of those posts and 105 of those hits belong to the honorable Nick Sacco.)

The posts with the most pageviews are on the sidebar, but I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite posts that haven’t gotten as much attention:

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Why I’m Not A 9/11 Truther: The Incompetence Argument

When I first started learning about Ron Paul and economics and the wonderful world of the anti-establishment, I also stumbled onto those interesting ideas about 9/11. I hoped these ideas would have died down by now, but I’ve seen them creeping up again recently in multiple places. It appears that the Internet will keep these theories alive forever, so I thought it worthwhile to offer my explanation of why I’m not a 9/11 Truther, and why it has very little to do with analyzing the “facts.”

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Update to my Candidate Guide and other news

I’ve published some updates to my 2012 GOP Candidate guide to demote some candidates who are gone, insert a candidate who had been neglected, and update a lot of text to reflect more recent developments in the race. (I also added some interesting data I came across regarding the estimated value of each candidate’s home.)

In regular news, there have been some developments against SOPA and PIPA in recent days. Ars Technica does a good job summing the backpedaling that has emerged thanks to the clamoring calls of opposition from the tech community over the last few weeks. We also have more people joining the SOPA fight, a strange response from a Senator’s staffer (but proof that the opposition calls are working), and an interesting response from the White House. (Thanks to the misnamed “Hacker News” for the hat tip on all four of these links.)

In meta news, I’ve been chatting with Simon over on Classical Values about the possibility of doing a guest post responding to his position that closing our military bases around the world would create a dangerous power vacuum. We both have things that we like and dislike about Ron Paul’s policies, but Paul’s desire to bring our troops home from around the world has always been something that made sense to me, while admittedly not being very familiar with the “power vacuum” position. So I’m doing a little research and will hopefully find some time to express why I’m not afraid that the world would become a more dangerous place if we brought all our troops home, or at least offer the best reasons I can give that I don’t think I need to be afraid –  and give Simon, who seems to have more experience and knowledge on this issue, a chance to shoot them all down 🙂 Hopefully by putting this on a public blog post I will solidify my commitment to get such a post written in the near future. (And assuming I do so, I will either link to it from here, or if the guest post thing doesn’t work out, just post it here.)

Things Conservatives Like #1: Guns

Conservatives love guns. And I don’t mean that in a “I’ve-got-a-small-firearm-locked-in-my-closet-in-case-a-gangster-breaks-into-my-suburban-house” kind of way. I mean it in a “I’ve-got-five-pistols-and-eight-rifles-in-my-basement-next-to-the-freezer-holding-seven-hundred-pounds-of-buffalo-that-my-wife-and-I-brought-down-last-weekend” kind of way. If you’re going to understand conservatives, this is the most important lesson in the world.

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