Reasons For Pessimism 4-8

4. TSA Moves From Your Underwear To Your Starbucks. Wired reports: “Not content with fondling your privates and banning liquids from entering the concourse, the Transportation Security Administration is apparently now also screening liquids bought by passengers after they’ve already gone through regular security screening…” Because, you know, if you’re putting something you bought from the airport into your own mouth, there’s a chance you might have added explosives to it. Supposedly it’s nothing new, just “part of random screening techniques” that have been going on since 2007. Sounds to me like yet another example of overbroad TSA policies resulting in ridiculous real-world applications that protect against nothing while further expanding the citizen’s right to be harassed.
Silver Lining? The more coverage this stuff gets -> the greater demand for change -> the greater the chance of change.

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Thank Government For Something: NASA

Sunday night, NASA’s Curiosity rover completed a ridiculously complicated landing sequence to safely grace the surface of Mars, where it is now beaming back exciting images and other data. I feel like this is a good time to thank our federal government for one of its few entities that I really enjoy – the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

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What I Missed

Or, Everything You Need To Know About Last Week’s News

In reverse order of importance:

Anderson Cooper is gay. Andy Griffith is dead. Justin Bieber got a speeding ticket. It’s probably the hottest and driest in most of the US since the 1930’s. Some think climate change is more to blame for this time than the last time. Some don’t.

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No More Blogging This Week.

I won’t be doing any more blogging this week. On the off chance that anything crazy happens while I’m gone and you’re actually curious about my opinion on the matter, feel free to leave comments here with requests. Or to talk amongst yourselves. Or to create spam for your acai berry products. I’ll probably be checking the comments though. If you get bored, check the sidebar for more interesting blogs written by more knowledgeable people. Thanks for visiting.

Thank Government For Something: United States Geological Survey

A month or two ago I got a book series on The Old West, and I’ve been reading parts from The Alaskans. For the most part, this history of the settlement and exploration of Alaska highlights the hard-working individualist spirit of nineteenth-century Americans. But when the coast dwellers attempt to explore the interior with their limited resources, they come across many obstacles, and progress is slow – until the federal government shows up:

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One Year of PL Blogging!

It has been exactly one year since my first postlibertarian blog post: “What Is A Postlibertarian?” I have been blogging on and off about politics and economics since I was in high school, but on this new blog I applied the latest things I had learned about writing, marketing, SEO, and networking, turning this into my most successful blog yet. In my first year I published 145 posts and acquired 38,166 hits and 156 comments. (Actually, 1 of those posts and 105 of those hits belong to the honorable Nick Sacco.)

The posts with the most pageviews are on the sidebar, but I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite posts that haven’t gotten as much attention:

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Obama The Socialist Will Destroy Socialist Programs!

It’s been a few months since I blogged about a crazy conservative email, but I got one this morning that was just too much to pass up. It’s from AmeriPAC, with a classic subject line of “Obama Threatens Supreme Court Again.” Inside, we learn the following:

President Barack Obama has again threatened the Supreme Court over ObamaCare – this time indicating that if the Court does not rule his way, he will take his revenge on senior citizens by destroying Medicare.

That paragraph is followed by some purported evidence that “Medicare will face disruption and ‘Chaos'” if ObamaCare is overruled. Oh no! If the Supreme Court overturns a big socialist government health program, Obama is going to destroy another big socialist government health program!

Wouldn’t that be a 2-for-1? Shouldn’t anti-socialists be rejoicing?

I know, the GOP has had trouble meshing their newfound love for fiscal responsibility with their old support for the biggest government program for their biggest demographic (seniors), but I still think it’s funny when they make the irony so raw and obvious.

Ah, but it gets better! (You didn’t think I would mock this email if it only contained one bit of silliness, did you?) Farther on we read about the real scary future about Obama and the Supreme Court:

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Why I’m Not A 9/11 Truther: The Incompetence Argument

When I first started learning about Ron Paul and economics and the wonderful world of the anti-establishment, I also stumbled onto those interesting ideas about 9/11. I hoped these ideas would have died down by now, but I’ve seen them creeping up again recently in multiple places. It appears that the Internet will keep these theories alive forever, so I thought it worthwhile to offer my explanation of why I’m not a 9/11 Truther, and why it has very little to do with analyzing the “facts.”

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