Everything You Need to Know About Last Week’s News #40

In reverse order of importance:

Brad Paisley released a song about being accidentally racist that some people thought was accidentally racist.

Former conservative British prime minister Margaret Thatcher died. Her mixed legacy (largely positive from my bias) caused some charming Britons to lead a campaign to get “Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead!” back on the charts. No, seriously.

COOL SCIENCY STUFF. Scientists have discovered early dinosaur embryos in China. The first womb-less woman to receive a womb transplant is now pregnant.

DISTURBED PEOPLE STUFF. A kid at a college in Texas went around and stabbed about 14 people with a sharp object. Somebody in Serbia went around and shot about 13 people.

Through six months of the fiscal year, the US deficit is down 23% from last year and is actually still on pace to be the lowest since Obama took office.

More evidence was revealed that the Obama administration has been lying about who they’ve been targeting for drone attacks.

Unemployment in Europe rose to record levels and Cyprus continued to ask for bailout help or something, but the economy still isn’t like collapsing or whatever. Although the Bitcoin bubble did burst and gold is down to its lowest level in two years. Dang that hyperinflation.

The bird flu in China has killed up to 13 people and infected over 60, including some in Beijing, the nation’s capital. However, it also appears that the flu is easy to treat if identified early enough, and it still seems to be confined to bird-to-human transmission, as opposed to the more scary and contagious human-to-human transmission.

North Korea cut its last economic ties to South Korea and made more threats and stuff and some people in the US government said they might have nuclear missiles by now but as of this writing nobody has done anything stupid yet.