Everything You Need to Know About Last Week’s News #47

In reverse order of importance:

Scientists have recovered some blood from a frozen woolly mammoth, but it may not get us any closer to cloning one.

A new study says mothers are now the primary breadwinners in 40% of US households with children.

Planetary Resources is using a million dollar Kickstarter campaign to raise public awareness for an orbiting telescope project. Only $25 to “take a selfie in space”!

The USDA implemented new country-of-origin labeling rules for meat sold in the US, illustrating the classic struggle between transparency and excessive regulation.

There are massive anti-government protests in Turkey that started as an attempt to stop a park from being replaced with a shopping mall but apparently became a tipping point for discontent with the growing totalitarianism of the Islamist rulers. Or something like that.

We learned more about the confusing events regarding the FBI killing a suspect related to the Boston marathon bombing.

Another week, another drone strike in Pakistan. This time we got the Taliban’s #2 again.

John McCain sneaked into Syria to meet with some rebels. We also heard talk about Russia trying to supply the Syrian regime with weapons, and how Israel feels about that.

The coronavirus continued to spread.