Everything You Need To Know About Last Week’s News #39

In reverse order of importance:

Obama said a woman looked good and then apologized. Glad we got that off our chest, America.

Megapastor Rick Warren’s son committed suicide. People offered condolences; well, mostly.

Prolific film critic Rogert Ebert died. People passed around quotes of movies he really hated, although that doesn’t really give you a fair snapshot of his work.

Disney shut down LucasArts.

The NCAA continued to play “March Madness” basketball games even though it was April. Somebody broke a leg very unpleasantly. Based on my Twitter feed I think the final game was last night but I’m not sure. Also, Major League Baseball started another season.

Bitcoin got more popular. I blogged about it.

Elon Musk’s electric car company Tesla reported a profitable quarter for the first time ever. That’s very good news, because companies generally need those to keep going.

Somebody leaked a bunch of data about rich people who hide money (mostly legally?) in offshore tax havens. This was a juicy find for the kinds of non-rich people that like juicy details about rich people.

NASA wants to get in on the asteroid catching game. The Planetary Resources asteroid-hunting telescope launch has been set back about a year.

North Korea continued to make threats, throw temper tantrums, and… move missile launchers?

A few more people in China got sick and/or died from that new virus. I would say the should-i-freakout-about-this-and-how-much scale is up from 0.001 to 0.002.

China almost used a drone to get a bad guy but didn’t.