Everything You Need To Know About Last Week’s News 37

In reverse order of importance:

Little Wayne had a seizure or something but I hear he’s OK.

A bunch of arbitrarily-ranked college basketball teams played some games. Roughly half of them won and half of them lost.

Marines were killed in two separate incidents this week: an explosion in Nevada and a shooting in Virginia. Odd, sad stuff.

Harry Reid dropped the assault weapons ban from Senate legislation after admitting that it never had enough votes to pass anyway. Why were conservatives so freaked out again?

Scientists discovered that the apparently lifeless deep sea Mariana Trench is actually full of microbes. Scientists also updated their estimates about the size/age/composition of the universe. Scientists also got closer to cloning an extinct frog. What a week for Science!

Obama went to the Middle East to encourage peace with speeches or something. Seriously, though, maybe he actually did.

The Supreme Court upheld the “first-sale doctrine” and nixed the possibility of making it illegal to resell pretty much anything you own. Whew.

After much outcry from its people, Cyprus’s government called the EU’s bluff and rejected the tax on deposits. Some kind of new deal was allegedly reached over the weekend but I’m not up-to-date on the details.

Italy and India are getting into a bit of a spat over some unfortunate killings.