Reasons For Optimism 59-64

59. Solar power is still becoming more efficient at an incredible rate, and it could finally eclipse the equivalent energy costs of fossil fuels by the end of this decade, marching us into “a whole new world” of abundant, cheap energy.

60. More climate scientists are lowering their projections for global temperature rise.

61. Planetary Resources now has some competition in the asteroid-mining business. I still suspect there’s a small chance of the idea succeeding, but that chance is now more than twice as large; when I look at that website I have to remind myself that this is not a sci-fi show but a real life endeavour.

62. Fresh off the heels of last week’s victory over the IRS, the Institute for Justice helped convince a federal court to rule that the government couldn’t seize a motel where illegal activity occurred without the owner’s knowledge. This is being hailed as “a significant victory for property owners.”

63. 3D printers are continuing to create awesome things.

64. The uber-cheap, uber-tiny Raspberry Pi computer is selling in the millions. The potential uses for this device (and those that will follow) are so widespread that I think we have not yet begun to see the effects of the possibilities it has enabled.

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