One Year of PL Blogging!

It has been exactly one year since my first postlibertarian blog post: “What Is A Postlibertarian?” I have been blogging on and off about politics and economics since I was in high school, but on this new blog I applied the latest things I had learned about writing, marketing, SEO, and networking, turning this into my most successful blog yet.┬áIn my first year I published 145 posts and acquired 38,166 hits and 156 comments. (Actually, 1 of those posts and 105 of those hits belong to the honorable Nick Sacco.)

The posts with the most pageviews are on the sidebar, but I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite posts that haven’t gotten as much attention:

August 2011. Why is FEMA So Incompetent and Should It Be Abolished?

August 2011. 3 Ways Commentators Irritate Me.

September 2011. Ethos vs. Logos.

September 2011. The Politics of Abortion and the Death Penalty.

November 2011. My New Favorite Analogy For Opposing Privacy Intrusion.

January 2012. The Right to Use a Cell Phone and Drive.

February 2012. Chicken Nuggets and Climate Research.

February 2012. Why I’m Not a 9/11 Truther: The Incompetence Argument.

There are many other posts that I like as well. Through it all I’ve tried to maintain my goal of offering helpful commentary about what’s going on in my country and around the world. Instead of pretending I can be completely objective, I try to admit my bias and explain why I feel the way I do, and admit when opposing views may have merit in this complicated world. I’m noncommittal about many things, but I also have pretty strong opinions about things like civil liberties and government actions that limit them.

Thanks to everyone who has read my posts, commented on them, and shared or linked or subscribed to them. I’m looking forward to an even more successful second year!